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Our values are in our name. Our wool dryer balls are made for people who are looking to bring their efforts in reducing waste and embracing a natural lifestyle into the laundry room. So go ahead: wear your heart on your sleeve, knowing your clothes were dried in a sustainable way.

ULAT Dryer Ball Natural Colour Set

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ULAT Dryer Balls Random Colour Set

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ULAT Dryer Balls are the original and authentic wool dryer balls that empower households to live a simpler, more natural and sustainable lifestyle, one dryer load at a time.

Respecting the natural benefits of wool and understanding of its properties, we maintain the integrity of the fibre during our processing. All in effort to provide you the highest quality wool dryer balls as the ideal replacement for single use methods.

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What our customers say

I LOVE these dryer balls! No more dryer sheets! ULAT dryer balls leave my clothes soft and less wrinkled…Thanks for making such a great product!

Bonnie, University Place, WA USA

My husband came home with your dryer balls and I thought he had lost his mind. Well, now I am a convert. These things are amazing. So simple yet they work!

Erin, Steveston, BC Canada

How it all got started.

ULAT Dryer Balls has led the evolution of wool dryer balls globally. And to think it all began as family Christmas gifts in 2011.

After working on several prototypes, Jennifer and her husband developed their own formula for wool dryer balls, the only patented wool dryer ball in the world.

Known as the Social Enterprise for wool dryer balls, ULAT is a collective ecosystem where everyone involved benefits and prospers.

Our community and support stretches globally and we look forward to continuing our growth while maintaining our Canadian commitments.

It’s rare that all parties from start to finish can be part of the win-win with a product. ULAT is proof that can exist and be approved by Mother Nature.

As an inclusive employer demonstrating people and planet-first initiatives, we are pleased to work with Accessibility Centre, SFU’s Sustainability Department and have partnered with BCIT’s Department of Energy, Mechanical Engineering to design technologies for manufacturing wool dryer balls.

Disability Alliance BC
sfu sustainability office

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