• Before & After: ULAT Dryer Balls

    One of our wonderful ULAT customers sent us this photo. As you can see the pink set is fresh and new, while the natural coloured set is three year...
  • ULAT Dryer Balls in The Province Paper

    Wow, this picture brings back so many memories for Koichi and me. I thought you might like to see what we looked like just after we launched ULAT Dryer Balls and then were featured in the Province. We had no idea this journey would be the ride it is but remain grateful and respectful of all the support and relationships that have transpired because of it. Sincerely, Jennifer & Koichi
  • ULAT Dryer Balls - Japanese Version

    100%カナダ産プレミアムウールのドライヤーボール   最大50%※の乾燥時間を短縮、エネルギーの使用とコストを縮小できます。 羊毛を刈りとる際、どの様な過程に於いても羊は傷つけられることなく生産されます。 しわ、静電気*を抑制するためアイロン掛けが不要です。 敏感肌の方にも安心してお...