What Makes Wool So Amazing?

At ULAT, we love sheep, and we love their amazing wool.  

Wool is one of nature’s most incredible fibres. Wool dramatically outperforms synthetic fabrics in many ways, including durability, breathability, UV protection, and more. We are grateful to our Canadian sheep for providing us with the wool to create the world’s best dryer balls, which make laundry days even better.


Why is wool so amazing? Let us count the ways... 

  1. Wool is NATURAL: Sheep wool is a naturally occurring protein fibre found in the skin of sheep. That means wool contains no plastic by-products, chemicals or other harmful man-made materials. 

  2. Wool is RENEWABLE: Sheep produce new wool every year making it a naturally renewable resource. 

  3. Wool is BIODEGRADABLE:  Wool is a natural fibre that easily and quickly decomposes,  and in the process releases valuable nutrients back into the soil.  

  4. Wool is a NATURAL INSULATOR: Wool is hygroscopic, meaning it easily absorbs and releases water vapour. Even when wet, wool generates and retains heat. In addition to making cozy sweaters, wool can also be used to insulate homes and reduce energy costs, thereby reducing carbon emissions.  

  5. Wool is BREATHABLE: When wool fibres are tightly woven, they form millions of tiny pockets of air, allowing the wool to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and your wet laundry, without compromising on thermal efficiency. Wool is even odour resistant with a proven ability to quickly wick away sweat and reduce body odour.

  6. Wool is RESILIENT & ELASTIC: Wool naturally resists tearing due to its elasticity. It can stretch and then return to its natural shape easily. Wool is also hydrophilic, allowing it to absorb  colourful dyes while remaining naturally colourfast (without the use of chemicals). 

  7. Wool is SAFE: Wool does not trigger allergies in most individuals and resists the growth of bacteria. It can even reduce atmospheric dust! Wool is high in water and nitrogen content, which makes it flame-retardant. It also contains high levels of natural UV protection, much higher than cotton and most synthetic materials. 

  8. The benefits of wool are numerous and at ULAT we always ensure our sheep are happy sheep! ULAT is ethical and cruelty free. We only use 100% Canadian wool, and our farms do not tolerate mulesing. 

We have seen first-hand how sheep appreciate the care of the Canadian farmers who work with them. Their wool is often sheared during wellness checkups and is part of the sheep's overall health maintenance. The relationship between sheep and farmer is so important. 

Across Canada, many farmers are also actively working to improve efficiency and sustainability to ensure the wool industry has as little negative impact on the earth as possible. We believe in providing a great product while keeping the wool industry circulating in a way that is ethical, sustainable, sheep-friendly, and empowering to all living things.

Learn more about ULAT’s ethically sourced Wool Dryer Balls here.