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Our patented 100% Canadian premium wool dryer balls can decrease your clothes drying time, provide softness to your garments and be naturally scented for chemical-free clean clothes. An original Canadian innovation, completely made in Canada.

Essential Oils

Try our unique blend of essential oils for scented laundry without chemicals. Using only the finest ingredients and also made in Canada, our fresh and versatile scents are perfect for your laundry and are suitable for diffusers as well.

Free Shipping*

With the world experiencing disruptions and uncertainties most recently, we at ULAT Dryer Balls want to assist and support everyone effectively. The wool-shearing season is upon us and laundry never ends so we are offering free shipping for orders over $90 in North America through our online store. 

*limited time offer.

I LOVE these dryer balls! No more dryer sheets! ULAT dryer balls leave my clothes soft and less wrinkled…Thanks for making such a great product!

Bonnie, University Place, WA USA

My husband came home with your dryer balls and I thought he had lost his mind. Well, now I am a convert. These things are amazing. So simple yet they work!

Erin, Steveston, BC Canada